The Highly Civilized Alternative To Capital Introduction …


The Roundtable Forum concept initially proved successful in 1998 as a closed-door, investors-only session for a major conference company.  Utilizing the same format for which the Forum is renowned today, an environment was created where investors could meet with multiple managers in small, informal groups where, similar to private meetings, spontaneous and dynamic dialogue occurred.


The popularity of this highly interactive “roundtable” format culminated in the launch of the Inaugural Hedge Fund Managers Roundtable Forum in May of 1999. Investor response was overwhelmingly positive. 23 years later, our methods are often imitated but never equaled and the Forum is widely regarded as the alternative investment industry’s leading independent allocator introduction and due diligence event.


Since its inception there have been a total of 80 Forums in New York, London, Geneva, Zurich, Dallas, San Francisco, Palm Beach and Hartwell GA .


Informal Groups
Spontaneous Dialogue
       Low Pressure
New Relationships