The Highly Civilized Alternative To Capital Introduction …


We have a 23-year history of introducing managers to allocators in our signature, “roundtable”, small group format. The 8-12 funds we feature are the sole focus of the Forum.  There are no other funds, no vendors, no exposition – no nonsense.  

Our Formula For Success Is Simple: 8-12 Managers | 50-75 Allocators | 0 Vendors


  • A bespoke opportunity for 8-12 managers to meet ~ 50-75 allocators:

– Single & Multi-Family Offices

– Fund-of-Funds

– Registered Investment Advisors

– Consultants

– Endowments / Foundations

  • Diverse strategies are presented by managers at all stages of development.
  • Networking opportunities during registration breakfast, refreshment break, and lunch with no speaker.
  • To prepare investors, a “Roundtable Forum Workbook” profiling each manager/fund is distributed one week prior to the Forum.
  • During the Forum, investors have convenient and “green” access to all presentation materials via our event specific, password protected web site.
  • Marketing personnel are welcome to accompany the manager.
  • Managers receive full contact details for all attendees to facilitate follow-up.
  • Venues convenient for business in Dallas, Hartwell, Winston-Salem, San Francisco and Palm Beach


What is the Roundtable Forum?

Since its inception in 1999, there have been 80 Forums in New York, London, Geneva, Zurich, Dallas, San Francisco, Palm Beach and Hartwell, GA featuring over 1,000 managers and their funds.

The Value Proposition


  • If you raise one million dollars, the Forum pays for itself in the first year’s management fee.
  • The Forum benefits managers at all stages of development from pre-launch to well established.
  • Save time!  Meet a large number of allocators in 1-2 days minimizing out-of-office time.
  • Save money!  Eliminate costly travel and entertainment expenses.  The allocators come to you.
  • We don’t charge 3rd party marketing fees – just a one-time participation fee.
  • We position you for success by preparing you and your materials for the event.
  • Simply provide us with a fund profile.  We do everything else!

Roundtable Forum attendance is by invitation-only to a select group of qualified investors, all of whom receive complimentary admission to the program.  Managers participating in the Roundtable Forum collectively underwrite the program via a one time participation fee. Note: Fees vary based on venue/location.  The fee entitles the firm to two passes:


  • One for the principal who will be presenting (two if the fund is co-managed).
  • One for a marketing representative.


The firm’s representatives are welcome in the presentation room during their session only, and at all food and beverage functions. We restrict access to the presentation room to prevent managers and marketers who are not “in session” from distracting investors. Furthermore, it is not appropriate to have other managers attending presentations where potentially proprietary information may be discussed.


On the day of the Forum all participants receive a delegate list including full contact details for all investor attendees. It is our policy not to provide a delegate list to anyone in advance of the Forum. We do this to prevent “front running” the Forum.

The Roundtable Forum provides one of the few independent (non-prime broker) opportunities investors have during the year to meet managers face-to-face in an intimate and relaxed setting that encourages direct and substantive discussion about investment strategies and trends

Available upon request


Ankur Jain
Managing Partner, Chief Operating Officer
Falchion Capital Management


“As a former family office allocator, I used to attend the Roundtable Forum to find interesting and unique managers. Now, as a co-founder of a hedge fund, I have found the Roundtable Forum to be the best out of any conference we’ve participated in since inception. The investor-to-manager ratio was just right and we have met many thoughtful investors we had previously not heard of. Jane’s focus on quality over quantity keeps the Forum’s integrity high and her team does an excellent job with logistics and communication.”